Finabit is cross-device  multifunctioning business software system that allows you to manage all crucial business processes such as Sales, Purchases, Payments, Inventory & Warehouse, Production & Manufacturing, Accounting, Fixed Assets and Payroll & HR and you get the real picture of your company that significantly cut your costs and gives you possibility to make right decisions for your company.

Easy & Fast

Finabit offers opportunities for managing  transactions and other entities as well as access to various reports in the simplest way possible saving users time to the maximum.

Such simplicity enables:

  • Access to different activities simultaneously,
  • Creating new documents from existing documents,
  • Easy filtering of reports
  • Customizable reports to see your data how you want,
  • Export of reports in various file formats,

Also, Finabit, is easy learning curve for beginners and increased performance for experienced users and
gives you possibility to make data entry in fast way and getting different reports in real time speed and also if it has to do with millions of transactions.


Accuracy is another advantage of Finabit, because gives you accurate reports for different entities such are production and sales costs and  all this accuracy gives to the company a good barometer for his assets state and helps to make better decisions for company.

Finabit implements Role Based Security and restricts access to sensitive data dependent from Role and also has high security level for data because audits all sensitive data and makes scheduled backups with possibility of restoring them later.

Scalable & Multidimensional

Finabit offers variety of deployment options from a single workstation to large enterprises and work group and works in different platforms and different devices that gives you comfort to have access on your data anywhere and anytime in various languages.

With Finabit you can manage transactions for multiple companies and locations in single database and all those data can be integrated with any other system using a standard data exchange protocol.

Finabit  has two packages, Standard and Professional, where Standard package contains basic modules until Finabit Professional holds also basic modules and 4 other add on modules.

Finabit SubProducts                                Finabit in industries

Finabit POS,                                                                   Manufacturing,
Finabit Mobile,                                                               Wholesale & Distributions,
Finabit Hotel,                                                                 Retail,
Finabit Web POS.                                                          Hospitality,
Professional  Services,
Contractors, etc.

Finabit Modules

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  • Sale of various types of Items from different locations
  • Credit Memo, Estimates and Sales Orders
  • Generate Sales from Sales Order automatically
  • Automatic calculation of average price
  • Different levels of discounts and prices for each customer
  • Track Items by Serial Numbers
  • Limit Rules for Warehouses during the Sale
  • Create quickly new Items and Customers from Sales Form
  • Invoice Many Customers at Once with Batch Invoicing
  • Get Quick overview of Customer Informations


  • Purchase orders, Bills , Debit Memo and Item Receipt for different locations
  • Different types of Import documents for different Currencies
  • Seperate in easy way overestimates in rows for Import Documents
  • Generate new Document from existing documents
  • Generate Item Receipts from Purchase Order automatically
  • Create quickly new Items and Vendors from Purchases Form
  • Different Bill Templates for Printing
  • Print Barcodes for in different Printing Templates


  • Supports different payment methods
  • Make deposits, Receives and Credits
  • Relate any Receive or Credit with Invoice
  • Pay many Invoices with one payment
  • Print Payment Receipts
  • Create Financial Statements
  • Generate Automatic Transactions for each document
  • Run Key Financial Reports Instantly
  • Manage Accounts by Group and Subgroup
  • Easy configuration of Accounts
  • Setup of default accounts for entities
  • Supports many methods of depreciation
  • Possibility of Asset Reassessment and Disposal
  • Projected depreciation calculations
  • Set different life for Assets
  • Support different statuses for Assets
  • Manage Assets by Category
  • Track Assets by History
  • Track Assets by Employ or Location
  • Change Assembly Components
  • Automatic generation of Bill of Materials from Sales
  • Create customized Bill of Material for each Production
  • Work with sub-Products
  • Calculation of cost price during each BOM
  • Reports for production capacity in each period
  • Manage waste materials during production
  • Different reports for Productions
  • Manage accounting transactions by monthly Period and Years
  • Create time sheets for multiple employees
  • Manage Payroll by periods
  • Work with multiple employee locations
  • Add unlimited Payroll Categories and Deductions with different rules
  • Find Key Employee Information Instantly
  • Set Default Deductions or Payroll Categories for each employee
  • Calculate Payroll for different categories and deductions
  • Automatic generation of Pension contributions, Payroll Tax, Bank Recapitulation, etc.
  • Sending automatically Salary Receipts by e-mail
  • Monthly and annual Salary Reports
  • Various Analytical Reports
  • Access in easy way key reports from Dashboard
  • See Business Data at a Glance
  • Track for every entity details
  • Customized Pivot & Chart Reports
  • Create Custom Reports and see data how you want
  • Export Reports to different format types
  • Send Automatically each Report by e-mail
  • Filter , Sort and group rows by each column
  • Manage Items by group or subgroup
  • Three types of items: Inventory, Service and Assembly
  • Transfer Items between locations
  • Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Automatic adjustion of Quantities
  • Automatic generation of Item Code
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Set minimum or maximum stock levels
  • Track Item History for different Locations
  • Add Batch items from Excel file
  • Unlimited users
  • Role Based Security Management
  • Work in Two Company Files at the Same Time
  • Multilingual
  • Various Configuration s at the user level or application level
  • Audit data
  • Backup and Restore Data
  • Job Schedules