Finabit Mobile boosts company effectiveness with fast orderings and field sales in the distribution industry easing field operator work greatly.

Using Mobile Finabit will eliminate operator errors that can be made when ordering for ordering becomes close to customer and also will enable management to have better information to field sales operators.

Also, Finabit Mobile offers the best opportunity for wholesale warehouse operators in offering the possibility of creating exit receipts, Internal Movements of items and Registration of items from the warehouse location.


Firstly Finabit Mobile was designed for Windows Mobile technology, but with the proliferation of devices with Android OS we also designed and implemented Finabit Mobile for Android OS.

Android devices are more prevalent in the market offering the businesses more options for choosing the right device for its business. You can choose mobile phone, tablet or any other special device. Because of prevalence on the market the support for the device is much better and economically advantageous.


As we have mentioned, Finabit Mobile can be used in Hospitality industry, Distribution industry and in many other business areas.

Having this in mind Finabit mobile has two main modules: Finabit Mobile Pos and Finabit Mobile.

Finabit Mobile POS

This module is more dedicated to Hospitality Industry.

Finabit Mobile for POS operates in a more closed ambient and is designed to ease the waiters work.

The device is usually connected to the system via WiFi, and order and payment is done remote from the bar and close to the customer.

It saves time to the waiter because he is not forced to go to the bar for every order, but he can make several orders remotely and then when the orders are prepared go and pick them. This enables the entire operation to speed up and customer will wait less.

This module is dedicated to these industries:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Pizzerias
  • Fast foods, etc.

Finabit Mobile

Many businesses have field personnel that need information in the field, on the job. Finabit Mobile can be used to drive revenue and/or reduce costs while improving productivity and client relationships.

Using WLAN, WWAN, and Internet technology it helps fields personnel participate actively in digitalizing distribution system. All information will be available remotely pertaining to client, inventory, pricing and various other reports.

This module is dedicated to these industries:

  • Distribution Industry
  • Warehouse Management

  •  Works with Fiscal Printer
  • Works Online
  • User authentication
  • Work with shifts
  • Item Categorization
  • Easy User Interface
  • Cash and Bank Payment
  • Print order in different locations
  • Works with tables spread in different halls
  • Fast order
  • Easy item findings from item color
  • Items attribute management
  • Easy item findings from item color
  • Faster and more qualitative service
  • Save time for waiter and management
  • Reduces crowd at bar and payment point
  • Improve your image and brand
  • Real Time Data Availability
  • Offline possibility of work
  • Immediate synchronization or batch synchronization with server
  • Works with Mobile Fiscal Printer
  • Barcode scanning
  • Up to date pricing, product and inventory information
  • Order items from field, reduce delivery time
  • Field Sales
  • Payment for previous sales
  • Item Transfer between depots
  •  Item registration
  • Visit registration
  • Take Picture of field activity
  • Exit Receipts
  • Various analytical reports
  • GPS/Network location when the activity was done
  • View actual location in map