Point of Sale

Finabit sub product that offers comodity to company for faster and more effective sale


Cut spending

Finabit POS reduces costs reducing the task implementation time, and effectively provides greater functionality. Finabit POS saves company’s money, enabling control in its business via information the software provides.

Productivity advancement

Finabit POS increases staff productivity by ensuring quick and precise sales by touch screen technology. Ordering system with Finabit Mobile will maximally optimize staff response time relating to consumers, increasing in this way the possibility of more sales. Orders are transferred automatically to shanks or to the areas of food preparation.

More effective work

With Finabit POS the company will work more effectively managing zones that are connected with the Sales System, in a fast and consistent way. Also this is achieved using easy features that Finabit POS offers with touch screen technology.

Retail Module

Terabit has developed a special POS Module for Retail Businesses and is highly optimized for fast and accurate work of the cashier in supermarket, enabling the client to feel comfortable while buying. This module can work as standalone application in cashier computer in a simple, or it can be integrated with more sophisticated system in big supermarkets.





Coffee Shop



Fast Food