Terabit has all the resources for outsourcing custom software projects for companies of different sizes.


Our multiplatform solutions will make your business more productive and provide you with flexibility in your work. We can design applications in Windows, Web and Mobile Platforms.



Projects Life Cycle

Our projects go through a life cycle beginning with defining how the new software package will be used in your organization (requirements) through the end point of the project – a successful and effective implementation. Our activities has been organized in life cycle phases like below:

Business Requirement and Proposed Solution

This is the phase where your business requirements are finalized, the software package is learned, and a solution using the package is defined to meet the business requirements.

High Level Design (Functional Specifications)

The planned solution is further clarified by functionally specifying how the system will operate.

Detailed Design (Design Specifications)

In this phase detailed design specifications are developed (e.g., table values are defined, specifications as to exactly how reports will look and work are developed, etc.).

System Configuration, Customization and Development

The system is “programmed” by setting up its parameters and tables with the values defined in the phases above. Interfaces, data conversion and customized programming are also done in this phase. Quality assurance (systems and user testing) is done here.

System Implementation and Optimization

In this phase the system is implemented and operations are converted to the new system. Also in this phase the system is optimized cooperation with end-user feedback.

System Support and Maintenance

This is the post implementation phase where the system is turned over to the normal support and maintenance process.